Popular Materials For Cushion Covers

popular-materials-for-cushion-coversCushion covers are used to protect the pillow inside and at the same time, as a home décor. Several covers are made and sold every day and normally, it is composed of many things.

Famous Materials Used in Cushion Covers

Usually, the materials of cushion covers determine where the pillow should be used. For example, it is intended to produce a luxurious or playful effect. There are several types to choose from and these are as follows:

  • Chenille – This is the most common material of all. It is a French word which is often manufactured from acrylic, cotton, olefin, rayon, wool or silk. The texture of this fabric is bumpy and it is ideal for upholsteries.
  • Cotton – This one is made from the fibrous substance and generally, these are considered because it is very durable. Cotton is known for many things such as being easy washable and its breathable characteristics.
  • Cut Velvet/Velvet – This material is a kind of woven fabric which has the cut threads that are distributed evenly. The word “velvety” means “smooth like velvet and it can either be natural or synthetic. Because of this characteristic, most people choose it because it feels good on their skin.
  • Jacquard – These are fabrics that produce very intricate or complicated patterns. This often portrays a sophisticated effect. Sometimes, it is not considered as a material but as a technique of weaving.

Importance of Materials Chosen

Each material has different characteristics therefore, it is important to choose a material that will suit your interest. When choosing a cover, you should look at the details of the design first to know whether you feel comfortable putting it in your room or not.

Also, since each material is made in a different way, their prices differ as well. so, take you time to compare each cover first and find out which works best for your budget.