Should I Put Covers On My Futon Mattresses?

should-i-put-covers-on-my-futon-mattressesDesigning a room is an act of self-expression. For girls, it is usually decorated with pink walls and stuff toys like Hello Kitty. For boys, it would have a touch of blue and red with toys like Superman. It symbolizes their preference that acts as a window to their soul. And bed cover plays a big part in the overall design of the room because it is the most used item on it more than desk and chair. However, are futon mattresses advisable to have covers on?


This article seeks to answer the inquiry by considering the details of the mattress and its capacity to be used with covers.


  • It is covered with Micro-fiber.
  • It has 15 gauge springs.
  • It has elastic layers of foam.
  • It has the Dimensions of 74”L X 53”W X 8”H.
  • It has Twin and King sizes


The capacity for covers

Futon Mattress has a sharp edge. It means that people can put covers because it protects them item from cuts that may accidentally incur on them. Protecting the mattress is important because them item is made up of micro-fiber linen with 15 gauge springs. It is a delicate material that is partnered with elastic foam layers. By having perfect edges, people can put covers and be sure that it will not wrinkle out since the linen would stretch forth. So kids who chose twin size bed will not worry about removing the cover because of playfulness. Since the mattress has durable platform, it will not bend so much as to be removed from the bases. For adults, they can choose covers like stripes with black and white design in order to portray contemporary room design.

So people must try the item in order to express their personality through mattress covers that can edify the ambiance of rooms.